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From Junky To Tidy

We help you tidy up your space, one small load at a time.
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Welcome to Tidy

We specialize in helping homeowners and businesses get rid of unwanted items quickly and efficiently. Whether it be items for disposal, for donation or for recycling, our team of experts are here to provide you with top-notch service, and we’re always happy to help.

Tidy Pick Up Junk Removal Picture of Junk

Why Tidy Pick Up?

Small Pick Up Pricing

We specialize in small loads which means the prices are small too.

Responsible Disposal

We do our best to divert items away from landfills where possible. This includes the donation and recycling of items. We will even pick up items you want donated or recycled.

Reliable Service

We are responsive and work diligently to deliver quality services and interactions.

Are you in our service area?

We service select areas of south Miami-Dade County. These are the zip codes where we haul:

Tidy Pick Up Junk Removal Service Map

What items do we haul?

We specialize in small loads and light items. Below is our list of items we do and do not haul. Part of our process includes the submission of a picture of the items you want hauled. This will help us to make a determination on whether we can haul your items as well as confirming pricing.

We DO Haul:
– Small Appliances such as microwaves and television
– Small yard debris
– Items under 50 pounds

We DO NOT Haul:
– Large Appliances such as refrigerators and ovens
– Large Furniture such as dressers and mattresses
– Construction/Renovation Debris
– Chemicals and Paints
– HVAC Items


“I was familiar the type of service that Kamilah provides from her other company, Tidy Pets Pooper Scoopers. We had used them when we had a dog. She informed us that she had started a junk removal business so we used her when we were cleaning out the garage. She was awesome as always. For sure recommend!”

– The Edmunds, Garage Junk

“Tidy Pick Up was great! Very good communication and arrived in a timely fashion and did a great job. I had cut down some tree branches and needed help getting them to the dump. I would use them again.”

– Jamie X., Tree Junk